What is the significance of silica gel products baked?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Most of the time when we buy a silica gel products tend to always feel not satisfied, for both color and feel smell, and so on has certain difference, because for the silicone products industry for a product from production to injection in to print there will be a lot of working procedure, after so many silicone products in production are high temperature baking, need baking products are generally belong to some common in we often contact such as silicone accessories, silicone kitchenware, silicone articles for daily use, etc. , to product requirements is higher, but some special industrial silica gel, apply to medical grade or food grade products also need to be baked. Nearly period of time the silicone products manufacturer for a batch of silicone children's toys and children's tooth gel products strict baking, to meet customer needs all kinds of testing requirements and allow the customer to satisfied, bake for molding department personnel busy almost blasted pot, every day is busy for baking products to the cleaning, even to eat in a hurry! So food-grade silicone product is different from common silicone product difference is smell and touch and aging performance of products is different, the hard to avoid in the process of baking will appear all sorts of problems also lead to bad products appear, such as discoloration, deformation, and even burn out, and so on. So still need to pay attention to details when baking. After the oven, the oven temperature is too high, the product of raw materials is bad can lead to liquidity products appear deformation phenomenon, the cause of the second appear white is because temperature is too high cause discoloration, baking time is too long, also can appear pale yellow phenomenon in recent period of time of observation, the raw material has a certain influence, such as raw materials belong to high temperature rubber but ordinary glue, color glue does not resistant to high temperature can also lead to products appear pale white phenomenon, the second is actually quite close to the high temperature in the baking process of products more easy to find bad, baking time is too long prone to fire phenomenon. Xiamen silicone manufacturers - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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