What is the role of silica gel cup mat

by:Keyuan     2020-09-01
Silica gel cup mat commonly used in the household articles for daily use, heat insulation, non-slip, creative decoration, is made of food grade silicone material can match all kinds of glass mat; Super insulation function can effectively protect the desktop without getting burned, elegant appearance, not only can adorn the colorful life, and the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation; Autotransmitting mechanism of high temperature vulcanization molding, high temperature resistant, non-toxic environmental protection, is a conform to the modern society more advantage of the concept of environmental protection products. Silica gel cup mat, fashion and easy, optional flip change different modelling, it can be used to expand, applies all kinds of cup size, enjoy hot drinks can be safely placed on the table, heat-resisting temperature - 40 ~ 230 degrees, the silicone material does not hurt the desktop! Silica gel cup mat USES cellular grain design, make the heat more quickly. General than silica gel cup mat, silicone pot mat multi-purpose honeycomb hollow out or grid, to have very good damping effect. Other properties and the cup mat.
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