What is the medium in the silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone rubber MATS technology development trend of specialization, obviously to 0. 5 to 0. 8 mm particle diameter is the basis of the silicone developing rapidly in our country, with 1 - - 15 microns particle size of powder silica gel in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea achieved great progress. Based on silica gel and powder silica gel on the morphology and properties of differences, become the direct driving force of the development of the diverse applications. Although our country enterprise actively carry out technology research and development, but less than 3% of sales, r&d spending in the developed countries represented by the United States over more than 5%, even higher, if converted to an absolute value, the gap is very obvious. Silicone pad in the medium in the process, due to water or other organic material adsorption, the adsorption capacity decreased, reusable after regeneration: 1, the silicone pad nuts regeneration: after the adsorption of organic impurities for coarse silica gel, can be put inside baking furnace was gradually heated to 500 - After 600 ℃, 68 hours, particles can be white or brown. Fine silica, roasting temperature should not exceed 200 ℃. Flushing methods: silica gel in the saturated adsorption of saturated steam soaking water flushing after heat, and can combine with detergent to remove waste oil or other organic impurities, so pure wash water, then dry and dehydration. Solvent flushing method based on silica gel adsorption of organic matter, choose a suitable solvent adsorption on the silica gel dissolved organic material inside, and then heated to remove the solvent of polysiloxane. 2, the silicone pad after water vapor adsorption regeneration after silica gel adsorption of water, can remove heat water stripping way, in different ways, such as heating and hot air drying furnace flue gas heat heating. Heat the desorption temperature control in the 120 - It is advisable to 180 ℃, for the blue gel indicator, silica gel, silica gel was contained in the 100 - type DL blue It is advisable to 120 ℃. All kinds of industrial silica gel regeneration the highest temperature should not be more than the following limits: coarse silica gel must not exceed 600 ℃; These shall not be higher than 200 ℃; Blue glue tracer agent ( Or silica gel) Shall not exceed 120 ℃; Alumina gel is not higher than 350 ℃. Regeneration of silica gel, general control under 2% of the water, can be put into use.
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