What is the distinguishing feature of the silicone logo badge

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Silicone technology for customized all kinds of silicone badge, with rich experience in design and production. Below will talk with you, what is the distinguishing feature of the silicone logo badge: ( A) Environmental non-toxic silica gel raw material is environmental protection non-toxic raw materials, production only need to add a small amount of color paste in the masterbatch. Silicone technology are all made of food grade silica gel and masterbatch, production for the customer the silicon logo badge all can pass the relevant testing, such as the EU's EU certification, etc. Ship company can apply for inspection, customs clearance, etc. , and solve the difficulties in export products. ( 2) Stable quality can be long-term use of silica gel logo badge more good, the quality of the products are high and low temperature resistance, anti abrasion, stable chemical properties and other advantages. Silica gel badges and one of the biggest advantages is the quality of a material soft, whether it is folded, kneading, pull pattern will not damage the surface or interior, product high performance/price ratio, and long service life. ( 3) To do such as silica gel after continuous reflective, luminous effect test, can already in the silica gel surface make the reflective logo badge, luminous effect. Exposure to the badge when there is light at night, there will be a reflective effect, similar to bike on reflective effect, very bright. The luminous effect is, of course, shine! We have for multiple customized effect of these two kinds of badges, customer feedback the product effect is stable. ( 4) Shell rich silica gel technology can fine on silica gel logo badge, make all sorts of beautiful design, including: tiger, sheep, pirates, etc. , using the self-developed 'multicolor unibody' process. The process through plant tens of thousands of detection, only to the market has produced more than one hundred products, no customer complaints fading, fading, discoloration, cracking and other problems. Custom silicone logo badge clothing bags accessories, such as the optional silicone technology not only production products for you, more can provide professional custom solutions for you. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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