What is the distinguishing feature of the silicone bottle stoppers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18

Silicone bottle stopper is made from silica gel raw materials production and processing of a silicone products, silicone bottle stoppers based on silica gel material quality performance has been widely used, its performance has won the traditional silicone, plastic and other material, its sealing, such as environmental protection, simple sense has been the majority of people like it. So what is the distinguishing feature of silicone stopper specific advantage? Silicone bottle stoppers features 1, sealing: this should be a greater advantage of silicone bottle stoppers, silicone material with larger scale and expansionary, therefore in sealing on the one hand, there is a very significant advantage of a such as red wine, white wine after open because sealing performance is not very good may be there is a 'flat' original wine aroma and alcohol flavor will evaporate is not worth the cost, and with this kind of silicone stopper doesn't have to consider this problem, it has good sealing. 2, high temperature resistant, and this is where the silicone is a big advantage, silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, amorphous material. Silica gel was mostly silica, stable chemical properties, don't burn. After high temperature vulcanization silicone products, because it can resistance to high temperature in 200 ℃, and used as a water bottle stopper is the most perfect! 3, easy to clean: with the silicone material to produce silicone plug, after repeated use, wash with washing, simple to clean with boiling water disinfection treatment can be directly, but also will not deformation, not like cloth, Silicone plug there is not easy to clean and they are also easy to deformation. 4, long service life: silica gel material chemical performance is stable, compared to other products manufactured material with it has a longer life expectancy, silicone cork may soon will appear deformation problems come down for a long time need to change, and silicone stopper has a longer life expectancy, accumulated for a long time will save a lot of cost. 5, color beautiful, silicone raw materials itself as the crystal ivory, join the mother to do all sorts of color of color silicone stopper, and used for a long time won't rub off, keep this beautiful beautiful color, more popular, and a beautiful product collocation can let a person fondle admiringly at an item is! 6, feel is good: the tradition of the cork with silicone, plastic, iron, etc. , hand feels no feeling, and silicone stopper has a very soft handle, highly flexible, deformation will be better in the first impression, this is mainly reflected in the more high-grade red wine or health products! 7, convenient: red wine bottle stopper for silicone commonly, need to use special tools to put it out, and silica gel wine bottle stopper without special tools, you just need to forcibly with the hand, water cup, too, now a lot of water also use silicone stopper silicone cover, even without the plastic cover. Don't screw twist, plug, dial can be directly, very convenient! 8, plasticity, the silica gel is very have an advantage, because of its design and the material itself can have stronger plasticity, but also in the shape above various shapes of silicone stopper itself, let a person very like it.                                

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