What is the distinguishing feature of the silicone baby spoon

by:Keyuan     2020-08-26
Silicone baby spoon is the baby learn to eat with cutlery better tools, silicone baby spoon is soft will not harm to the baby's gums and mouth, and silica gel is safe and non-toxic, can withstand the temperature range of in - Between 40 ℃ and 230 ℃, food-grade silicone has good biological compatibility, does not stimulate the baby mouth, compared with ordinary silica gel safer, food-grade silicone has been applied to the tableware and all kinds of baby bottle nipple. Silicone baby spoon product advantages: 1, smooth round handle, safety without burr, fine craft and curved handle is suitable for baby's grip. 2, food-grade silicone material packaging baby's healthy diet. 3, Q play a spoon head, food-grade safe silicone material, spoon head elaborate care baby's gums. 4, baby soft silicone teaspoons designed for babies, to adapt to the baby from the bottle to the transition of the spoon feeding, soft silicone round head small spoon, will not damage the baby sensitive gums, non-toxic, tasteless, do not contain chemical impurities, can be in a boiling water disinfection, ageing resistance, not sticky, longer handle can touch the bottom of the food cans, silicone spoon, silicone package is easy to clean. 5 small soft, soft silicone spoon designed for babies, help the baby to adapt to the transition from bottle to spoon feeding, non-toxic tasteless, do not contain chemical impurities, high temperature boiling resistance, ageing resistance, not sticky, silica gel products may absorb food after color change color but will not affect the use of performance, suitable for just learning to eat baby. 6, edible level health material, do not contain bpa, increase appetite, the soft round, can very good training baby with tableware to eat. 7, many mothers are looking for a fit the health of babies with a spoon, our silicone baby spoon completely accord with the requirement of the treasure to mom, suitable for baby transformation side dish. 8, extended handle convenient feeding, also convenient to dig small tank side dish, double color soft, comfortable handle, besides beautiful also reduce the risk of spills. 9, food-grade silicone material, soft and comfortable, protect baby's gums and mouth, suitable for 6 month baby, reliable material health, do not contain bpa, baby use more at ease. Silicone baby spoon custom parameters: name: soft head food-grade silicone consisting spoon models: general profile quality: food-grade silicone type: assist food scoop applicable age: 6 - More than 12 months and size: 15 * 2. 4 cm silicone baby spoon custom note: 1, to avoid damage to the surface, please do not use the hard metal brush wash, in addition to eat not to use or let the baby play ACTS as a toy. 2, please put in boiling water disinfection 3 - before use After 5 minutes, rinse with warm water to dry in a dry place.
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