What is the distinguishing feature of silicone pipe custom

by:Keyuan     2020-09-11
Pipe is said to have originated from the United States and Europe, you only need to cut tobacco, add some spices can ignite smoking, due to the convenient and special shape is popular among people, with the development of pipe, wooden pipe has become a symbol of the product, and other alternatives is not very good with tobacco, so just have the silica gel pipe hot. Silica gel pipe customized product characteristics 1, are free to customize a variety of colors, bright colors, also can be customized shape; 2, the silicone pipe adopt vulcanization molding process is made and be become, production safety and health; 3, USES the food grade silica gel, relatively similar other material products more security environmental protection; 4, food-grade silicone material is easy to carry, easy to clean, and bright; 5, the use of silicone materials elastic, product flexibility is good, not easy to change shape, strong; 6, high temperature resistant, Low temperature) Features, higher heat resistance up to 230 ℃ ( Lower cold hardiness of - 40℃) ; 7, a longer service life than other material; Oil resistant, corrosion resistance, resistance to microwave radiation; At present there are many kinds of silicone pipe, the above picture sachs shape pipe, and T glyph silicone pipe shape.
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