What is the distinguishing feature of silica scaling waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall basket

by:Keyuan     2020-08-24
Silica scaling waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall basket, basket, folding contraction drop released kitchen space, is not easy to break, not easy to break, easy to take easy to put the easy to operate, aging resistant, durable, travel works at home. Silicone basket product characteristics 1, telescopic folding drop food grade silicone material, avirulent insipidity, easy to clean. 2, hollow out design, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall uniform pore distribution, easily filter out particles foreign body. 3, at the bottom of the skid resistant design, smooth bottom edge design can ensure the filter bowl stand firm. 4, heat insulation lever, insulation and comfortable, suspension design, easy to use and receive. 5, color, size, can according to customer demand for customization.
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