What is the difference between silicone liquid and die

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone products in machining process, the different processing methods applied to different products, of course, still depends on the product quality and cost control, the injection process of silica gel products most the solution of liquid rubber injection processing way, and in addition to the liquid injection, solid products also note glue processing technology can be used, although this way with hydraulic molding machine met but make products have certain difference, so it is really about a way of processing? We all know that liquid silicone rubber product mainly USES the mold injection molding processing, a kind of technology in technology is relatively mature, it is mainly the liquid in the process of processing rubber hot runner injection mold, feed glue into the mouth cavity, after cold forming, platinum vulcanizing agent of low temperature curing speed, so the liquid silicone product has a high production efficiency, made the product table has good tensile, high stability, compared with the solid silica gel has better feel and tensile strength of springback. In the process of solid silica gel products processing, conversion technology and liquid has a very similar way of processing, but have and solid production in the same way, using the same machines and raw materials, but the mold and liquid silicone mold in the same way, there are mainly the root extrusion feed to product, this approach can be used the same solid silica gel hardness, through the pressure of the machine strength to the internal cavity and extrusion molding, but compared with liquid silicone material, natural liquidity so well without it. This processing method has the advantage of products can avoid a lot of bad appearance, as well as the die line well controlled, mainly for some clients to avoid some parting of beautiful appearance and the quality of the product, and it also has many disadvantages, such as glue quantity is big, cost is high, and the processing complex, must add the mould plate and the need to manually lift mold core, human is larger, and the processing efficiency is low, so this is also the few silicone products factory? One of the reasons for home use this process!
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