What is the difference between mold design and machining - The silicone mold design and machining

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
What is the difference between mold design and machining, silicone mold design and machining. Many customers silicone products on the chart and drawings of the new scheme often clashed with the processing technology, and in the silicone rubber products manufacturers may mold and molding process conflict, so I think this is the silicone product development design and creative design of a disadvantage, stylist to the machining process and mould process not familiar with, mould process not familiar with production process. Want any products can give you a 3 d graphic simulation, the silicone mold industry, plastic industry, silicone industry, hardware industry, etc. , only many designers ignore the process of production, such as the mold is made into his style, cutter path is correct, the machine is being processed, size and shape can achieve, if different material can meet their requirements. Question 1 of the silicone mold design and machining. In the silicone rubber products industry, prone to these questions. Mold design problem: product design is too thin, easy to cause mould stripping, products include internal grooves, cause mould boring cutter will not be able to process, product size and complicated structure, difficult to open hole molding process problems, such as: 2. Product mould is too thin to achieve the effect, but not from the edge of the separation of products, processing is difficult to molding product is too thick, hard and soft, the problem of product requirements is more soft, and the shape of the design can't achieve the result of very soft, rather too hard, you can follow the concept of plastic molding, but silicon resin is a kind of soft material, have certain technical principles. In addition, for some appearance color or multicolor, but now the technology cannot reach what they want, it is also a relatively trouble things, so it can look at a few more on the design drawing of silicone molding process and color, look and feel, and so on. 'only understand the process, to get the details of the design problem.
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