What is the cause of the silica gel products easy to brittle

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
As the silica gel products widely used in every corner of life, could be used to all kinds of silicone products. Although these silicone products look ordinary, but also can play a very important role, but some silicone products in use process is easy to become fragile, brittle after silicone products can no longer use, so make a lot of people feel very headache. Recently very customer consultation to do 70 - hardness silicone products After 80 degrees, will become very 'brittle', our answer is: yes! So what are the reasons lead to the silicone products brittle? Actually lead to the root cause of the silica gel products crisp is: the essence of the silicone material, in the most to the hardness of over 60 degrees of silicone products, its resistance to tear and elastic will plummet, led to the silica gel products become very fragile! Silica gel products seem not so fragile, so want to find a way to do it is lower than the hardness in 60 degrees. Of course also some technical production process factors can influence the silicone brittle. This is a production problem, it will in the process of silica gel products production and processing the heated to a certain temperature, but if the temperature control is not high or the heating time is too long, will result in the silicone products become fragile, besides, in the process of use and storage, cannot maintain good ventilation, or secondary vulcanization time is too long can lead to this phenomenon, and the most main is the silicone products of material itself, if the material is bad, can't reach the tear strength, therefore the silicone products will become fragile. In addition to these, silica gel products brittle and its mould design also has a relationship, if the mould design is not reasonable or unreasonable production structure, so it is likely to lead to the silicone products, in the process of fracturing production mold, if appear this kind of phenomenon, produced by the silica gel products will naturally become fragile, so before the production and processing, must try to improve machining and die structure. This is one of main cause of the silica gel products become fragile, in the use process, if the environment temperature is too low, or is to use a long time, there have been aging, also causes the silicone products become fragile, so for the silicone products, in use after a period of time to see the product aging should be timely replacement.
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