What is the advantage of with cover silicone ice bucket

by:Keyuan     2020-08-21
Silicone ice bucket is suitable for a lot of places and drinks, provides the whisky is cooled, cocktails and drinks such as quick freezing bottled drinks. Need clean water before use to put in hot water disinfection, and then join in the ice water, and then in the fridge, you need to use the time out, and then placed in drinks, should be cleaned after use and store clean dry and away from direct sunlight. Silicone ice bucket by the FDA, ROHS, SGS, such as environmental LFGB food grade certification. With cover silicone ice bucket product advantages. 1, quick frozen bottled drinks. Keep your red wine no dilution cooling. 2, perfect the area of a circle is far less than the traditional ice machine. 3, leave a lot of space in the fridge. Use a cube airtight lid to keep fresh and tasteless. 4, the outer space of frozen ice. Cylinder storage within them. 5, the unique double cavity design, can accommodate 120 ice. 6, easy to use, need to fill and store of ice. 7, portable, equipped with a lid and antiskid barrels, convenient to carry. Silicone ice bucket is suitable for family, house, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, party, buffet and so on.
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