What is the advantage of the silicone spatula

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Made from silicone scraper with food-grade silicone material, convenient and durable, health, high and low temperature resistance. Handles are good, comfortable hold, peg design, easy to receive. Unibody design, not easy deformation, easily, flexibility is good, clean, no residue, soft and elastic head does not hurt the container. Silicone scraper dropping, i. e. , not as easy as wool to brush off. Easy to clean, non-stick oil, and stolen goods, with warm water after a flush, baking, making a cake, butter, veteran new essential. Silicone spatula thermal stability is good, that is, in - Between 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, not like plastic preheating liquefaction, the temperature is enough to make all kinds of cold drinks and cakes. Food-grade silicone spatula - — Barbecue roast kitchenware, fashion, environmental protection, comfortable, comfortable, convenient take put, experience for fun!
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