What is the advantage of silicone zero wallet

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone zero wallet using eco-friendly silicone material, soft, easy to clean, resilient texture can freely stretch, easy to use; Simple structure, easy to receive a coin, change items such as keys. Silica gel coat can prevent receives goods and other goods from friction; O can take in hand, or bags, convenient to carry. Glue set of humanized design, effectively protect the COINS will not collide with the other items and key scratched, more convenient to take take; Raw materials using high strength rubber, has good elasticity; Q fashion silicone practical ultra pot-bellied bag! Can easily receive all kinds of baby. Let your life more colorful! Heat temperature: 200 ℃ / resistant to cold temperature: - 50 ℃ do not on the edge of the fire. Silica gel itself despite water resistance, but the goods do not belong to the water proofing property goods outside size: about H: 8. 5 W: T: 225 px, 100 px in size: about H: 6. 5 x H: 187。 5 px silicone zero wallet by imports the pure silica gel 100% material; Inside the package of stainless steel materials; High and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, non-toxic, green environmental protection; Product color and colorful variety, fashionable, fashionable avant-courier.
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