What is the advantage of silicone lunch box

by:Keyuan     2020-08-25
What is the advantage of silicone lunch box? Convenient to carry, the advantage is more advantages. Folded can be seen from the name, you can see from above, when to use and when not in use, they are the very big difference, using the scenario we can imagine, for instance when we want to carry it out, this time is not very convenient to carry. Covers an area of small, whether for home without worrying too much about place bowl? A family need a lot of dishes, there are various size bowl and dish bowl, is need a lot of places to put the bowl, and the silica gel can be realized by folding folding bowl cover an area of an area small, don't need so wide where they are stored. Light weight, we often use the bowl is always is twofold, if moving the bowl of a family is estimated to hundreds of pounds, and a big bowl of silicone folding is only a few grams, the comparison is a major advantage came out. Unbreakable, silica gel products from silica raw materials advantage, there are all kinds of benefits one is resistant to fall off, unlike traditional bowl a fell and was broken. Color beautiful, traditional single bowl for ceramic color commonly, although can be printed pattern, but also is single color, and the silicone folding carton can be printed on various pattern and even up to the 3 d effect, but also can be customized various color itself even fluorescent color, make life full of color. Fresh, on the basis of the silicone folding bowl custom we can customize a silicone lid, thereby achieve the result of keeping fresh moistureproof and dustproof.
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