What is the advantage of polyurethane elastomer sole materials?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Thermoplastic polyurethane TPU polyurethane elastomer referred to as PU, and have a common characteristic for daily necessities of life in a variety of purposes, and in the sole of the shoe material they occupy most of the market share, the PU and TPU materials with silicone material for common material in the daily necessities of life, while the organic silicone products and PU products never co-existed, each have their characteristics, and the sole polyurethane or occupy a certain advantage, everyone explanation about the characteristics of polyurethane elastomer are below advantage! Using polyurethane microporous elastomer make soles began around the year 1960, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Austria and other countries in 1967, successively in the shoe industry before and after the promotion using polyurethane foam materials, because it showed good performance in the industry, to the Western Europe in 1974 using polyurethane foam soles has grown to 1. About 600 million pairs, accounts for about 20% of its total production. In the shoe industry, with the use of polyurethane foam material, make the shoes not only light and comfortable, and very wear-resisting. In terms of production efficiency, but also because of the unique processing technology and gained great improve, so that the material in the shoe industry get rapid development. At present, the materials used in the footwear industry, polyurethane couclusion body have accounted for 6% ~ 8% of all materials, the sole characteristics of microcellular polyurethane elastomer as follows (1) pu microcellular elastomer low density and soft, comfortable and light. Ordinary rubber products and PVC, and other rubber and plastic sole density is usually in 1. 2 to 1. 48 g/cm3, even if them for foaming, its density also can only be 0. Around 8 g/cm3. And the density of pu microcellular elastomer sole are 0. Under 6 g/cm3. (2) the size of the pu sole good stability, long duration time. The practice proved: high performance polyurethane sole storage life for at least 10 years. In relative humidity 100%, at 70 ℃ and 80 ℃ for 7 d under the accelerated aging of simulation test ( Equivalent to in common environment for 10 years, results show that the polyurethane material properties have no obvious change within 7 d, the other outsole material preparation, in the same experimental conditions, have been completely destroyed. (3) pu sole has excellent wear resistance, can fully meet the strict German industrial standards. According to the SA - TRA shoemaking institute of comparative experiments show that: the wear resistance of polyurethane shoe outsole were significantly better than that of the ordinary rubber outsole, and adopt double density pu sole ( With medium density and high density in the bottom outsole) The wear-resisting performance is even more significant. (4) polyurethane shoe has excellent resistance to bending performance. In the process of wearing a walking shoe, to under large deflection bending, ammonia ester sole flexure resistance were more than 250000 times, is much better than other materials sole, and polyether type of polyurethane sole, low temperature flexural resistance is better. (5) polyurethane sole chemical resistance is superior to other common shoes material, such as the oil and oil fuel resistance is superior to general plastic and rubber materials; Alkali resistant properties similar to those of ordinary rubber material, but acid chemicals, pu sole is of poorer quality than the rubber soles. 6. Use of the preparation of polyurethane microporous elastomer footwear, cushioning performance is good, the foot has a very good protection effect to human body. Because of that, at present, most of the sports shoe will get together ammoniac ester material as the preferred material. All landowners pu sole has good heat resistance performance. Such as iron and steel industry, industrial machinery, such as the working environment temperature high or very high temperature iron, slag, such as the object, in this kind of work situations of labor insurance shoes, must have a high heat resistance performance. Rubber material of heat-resisting performance, in general, the best, worst thermoplastic materials such as PVC, pu materials center, it's in a limited time, can resist the high temperature of 150 ℃, but its heat insulation performance is the best.
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