What Is Sodium Polyacrylate & How Is it Used?

by:Keyuan     2020-06-29
Sodium propylene is a chemical polymer that is widely used in various consumer goods due to its ability to absorb hundreds of times the mass in water.
Sodium propylene is composed of multiple chains of positively charged acrylic compounds that can suck water
The base molecule that binds with it makes sodium propylene
Absorb compounds.
When inhaling or ingesting this polymer, it is highly toxic and can cause damage to your eyes, skin and lungs.
If you accidentally breathe in or take sodium propylene, please seek medical attention immediately.
In many detergents, sodium polypropylene is commonly used as an isolation agent or as a complex agent.
It has the ability to be hard bound
Water elements such as magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc are used to make the detergent work more efficiently.
The qualifying agent neutralizes heavy metals that may be present in water, dirt, and other substances that can be found in your clothing, making the detergent more efficient to clean and neutralize the smell in your clothes.
Thickening agent sodium polypropylene is mainly used as a thickening agent, because it has the unique ability to absorb and maintain water molecules, so it is very suitable for use in diapers and hair gel.
It is also used in industrial processes to dissolve soap by absorbing water molecules.
Thickening agent, such as sodium propylene, increase the viscosity of water
Compound that increases stability.
In diapers, sodium propylene absorbs water molecules found in urine, increases the amount of liquid that diapers can hold, and reduces the risk of diaper rash by promoting a dry environment.
Sodium propylene coating is added to the coating of sensitive wires to keep the moisture of the wires.
Water and moisture conduct electricity and may interfere with the transmission of power signals along the wires that transmit power signals, causing damage to the wires and creating potential fire hazards.
When sodium propylene is injected into the protective rubber coating around the wire, it can protect the wire from moisture and ensure the safe transmission of electrical signals.
Highly absorbent sodium polypropylene is widely used in the agricultural industry and is injected into many potted soil to help them maintain moisture as a reservoir.
Flower shops usually use sodium propylene to help keep flowers fresh, a substance that has been approved by the United States for home fruit and vegetable cultivationS.
Ministry of Agriculture.
Sodium propylene, also combined with other absorbent polymers, is injected into the outermost layer of the space suit NASA astronauts will wear to help prevent rash on his skin during space flight.
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