What is silica gel mouse pad what are the advantages of _ silicone mouse pad contrast what are the difference between rubber mouse pad

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Recently edited right hand wrist pain, this is the office of the common mouse hand, prevent the mouse hand a lot of ways, among them to choose a good silicone mouse pad is also very necessary. Advantages of silicone mouse pad: silica gel mouse pad is also a commodity varieties of silicone products, its processing raw material is silicone and lycra fabric, usually used for drum of wireless mouse, optical mouse, the mouse matching, etc. , it adopts the design of the man-machine engineering science to provide security, the right wrist protection, reduce the time to use the mouse wrist fatigue, is the last time to use computer work or game player's first choice, can according to need to make the look and print logo. Therefore, silicone mouse pad is also widely used in the promotion and the most practical promotional gifts or gifts ads. Silica gel mouse pad compared with other products of silicone rubber mouse pad and rubber mouse pad which is better? Rubber mouse pad compared to simple aging of silicone rubber mouse pad, silicone rubber mouse pad usually feel a little bit better than rubber mouse pad, mouse pad rubber can smell not environmental protection, cannot meet the needs of many customers, and 0 is single color, can only be made into black, can not meet the characteristics of modern urban residents or game enthusiasts. 'silicone mouse pad is different, its function, color, very practical, is conducive to root out the wrist joint, effective maintenance of the wrist, reduce hand fatigue and damage, avoid occupational disease, avoid hand and computer table red sparkling, is conducive to the mouse in the process of operation flexibility and accuracy, and is more convenient and accurate operation of the mouse. Fabric soft silicone mouse pad, has strong adsorption to the table, not easy to move, the more suitable for crazy game enthusiasts, maintain normal blood circulation of the wrist, outstanding flexibility, anti-aging and anti-skid function, long time no deformation, can be repeated washing does not fade, life is long, curved casual, easy to carry and goods lubrication and exquisite appearance, can keep the mouse won't damaged. So try the silica gel mouse pad!
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