What is required to main silicone seal assembly item?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Assembly is not a practice Aaron perfect products, products from the silica gel products factory processing after the completion of the used on different architecture is every product needs a process, and the silicone seal products and keep close joint assembly effect between main products can get very good effect, so say silicone products or in combination to install requires certain skills and the matters needing attention. Case very much, a lot of times a product quality often depends on a small detail, such as accessories and parts assembly dimensional deviation between the installation with distortions, etc. , so whether the use of the product use for silicone seal effect, where the final assembly molding process still needs certain considerations! Seal's piece used for mechanical seal, shock absorption, jam, and so on, so need to check the product when it is assembled around the impurities, burrs clingy and scratches, keeping facial docking with the face evenly, docking the Angle needs to keep the same size, at the same time in order to prevent distortion, concave and convex camber and to avoid material has certain tightness, must be in accordance with the similar size to set, silicone has certain shrinkage has narrowed from mould above, however, can be the silicone seal the overall size of the increase by about 2%, and keep the size can be closely combined and size control! In order to prevent the sealing ring in the case of stress squeezed migration phenomenon, have to think of how many degrees can withstand much hardness range, according to the seal clearance and pressure to adjust the hardness, the stronger the need, the higher hardness, smaller conversely, in addition to the subsequent use for a long time to maintain a certain life, o-rings should avoid contact with the outside world, avoid sunlight, humidity, and not in circulation, to adapt to the temperature of 0 Between 150 degrees, with acid, alkali, solvent, and do not allow liquids such as oil, gas, contact. When installation are not allowed to use any device produce ozone, long-term pressure lift prone to life is narrow. The above Suggestions is only for reference, the use of specific use also need to see the product area, so do a good job in the selection of sealing ring and protection considerations, can improve the effect of silicone seal products and practical performance and life, for improving the economic efficiency has a certain practical significance. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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