What is foaming plate - Foam board and PVC board

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Many just into the small white foam board is what baidu, sometimes especially how to distinguish between foam board and PVC board these common problems, such as silica gel products factory will give you answer these questions. 1. Foam board what foam board, also called Andy board, is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chemical. Foam board characteristics and advantages; Foam board, construction is convenient, strong adhesion, high hardness, good resistance to bask in, after spray paint for plate cutting, drilling without jagged crack, good performance, easy spraying, low cost, one-component comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements, the paint surface of bathroom cabinets, bathroom ark has the very good decoration and protective function of foam board application scenarios: widely used in passenger cars, trains, roof, box-type core layer, interior decorating plate, building cladding, indoor decorative materials, office buildings, residential buildings, public booths, etc. Commercial decorative frame, clean room, board, ceiling, screen printing, computer engraving, advertising tag, exhibition board, signs and other industries as well as chemical anti-corrosion engineering, heat setting, cold storage board, special cold storage board, environmental protection plate mold, etc. Sports equipment, aquaculture, waterfront moisture-proof, waterproof materials, art materials and various lightweight partition instead of a glass ceiling, etc. 2. Foam board and PVC foam board is within plate difference between foam, PVC veneer is outside, weight is light, the price is cheap. Due to internal too soft, Bubble pressure was flat) Not suitable for production of complex model, of course, can be used more carefully, but the effect is better than PVC foam board effect is good. Heart for PVC foaming, the outside is PVC veneer, because density is big, the weight is 3 times heavier than KT board, of course, the price is expensive, the hardness is higher, better PVC foam board is not pinched with his fingers. Use it to make a model building would be more appropriate. Above is the foshan silicone products factory to arrange the foam board, foam board and PVC plate difference related content, hope to be of help. Foshan custom silicone products choose silicone products factory. Recommend related products high temperature resistant silicone tube foaming silica gel plate foaming silicone tube of high temperature resistant silicone plate foaming silica gel
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