What is computer silicon | and what is the difference between thermal conductive silicone

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Hot summer weather, notebook is more and more hot don't be careless, now many laptops, especially some players playing computer games, in use after a long time, the computer CPU, graphics card temperature will appear the cooling problem and the fan sound such as fault, this time, you will need to clean up the inside the computer. More important is, of course, don't let the computer 'heart' heatstroke, regularly add laptop computer silicone cool! One, we first to get to know what is silica gel computer? Computer silica gel is a kind of thermal conductive silicone rubber, actually we just know computer silica gel as the name implies is to use on the computer, and so we habitually call it computer silica gel. Computer silica gel is a kind of high thermal conductive insulating silicone material, has excellent thermal insulation; Even in the low temperature - 40 ° to the high temperature of 220 ° environment is also long time keep the adhesive state of grease, so the computer basic can never be out of the silicone curing conditions. Recommended products: thermal conductive silicone/silica gel pad, computer cooling on the importance of the computer. General computer is in use for a period of time after the computer motherboard would produce or deposit some parts such as dust, don't look down upon the dust, the dust is computer heat dissipation problems such as the culprit; So we're going to the computer timing regular cleaning, to ensure that the computer CPU card heat dissipation and normal operation of the radiator, and other components. Rubber remind you is: silica gel don't change for a long period of time will appear the phenomenon of 'dry', then computer silicon needs to be blotted out. ( Computer silicone CPU heat dissipation principle is to use the heat dissipation of thermal conductivity of silica gel into the computer run so the temperature) Three, silica gel compared with thermal conductive silicone difference however computer silicon belongs to a kind of silica gel, the thermal radiation capability though is higher than ordinary rubber, but compared with thermal conductive silicone performance is much worse. Computer silicon in use for a long time once cured, silicone hit on computer components is difficult to separate; But computer silica gel can be used as a MOS tube, memory chips and other components of the heat sink. Rubber is therefore recommended that: in order to computer security use for a long time we suggest you use high quality thermal conductive silicone used in computer graphics CPU heat dissipation. More about the computer what is silica gel and the difference of thermal conductive silicone, direct telephone contact us: what's the problem, can also continue to focus on our website. Related articles: silicone thermal conductivity compared with thermal conductive silicone
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