What is authentic silicone bib?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silicone bib pocket this word is not strange, the rise in 2013, is one of the most popular in 2014, is expected to 2015 could see more new silicone bib pocket again, at present the product sells in distant markets at home and abroad. If there is a lot of friends do not understand the silicone this kind of material, so this product can take you into some products with silicone materials, you don't understand of silica gel mainly for this type of commodity is not yet officially entered our lives silicone bib pocket is a small class of silicone products, mainly is practical in 6 months to 6 years old children practical a bib, actually the silicone bib is designed according to the first cotton bib, although the silicone bib pocket is designed according to the cotton bib pocket, but the design concept of the core or according to the human body engineering, because the silicone material and cotton cloth, silicone bib has played a more advantages than cotton bib, silicone bib pocket is the main process by vulcanizing machine under a 200 - degree heat molding, product USES the food grade silica gel production, non-toxic materials, environmental protection, can through the SGS FDS, LFGB certificate, and the market of the bib has a lot of money, but how many is the pure silica gel, today for you about how to identify the real silicone bib pocket. As we have said above, the silicone bib pocket is a baby product, silicone materials he is designed according to the concept of human body engineering, for this is the baby supplies, materials need to be soft, not easy to damage the skin of babies or other parts of the body, it, for every mother is the most concerned problem. There are a lot of bib pocket, although in the shape of the above and our bib pocket is the same, but the material is not the same, most of them are plastic, pp material, TPE or TPR material, the material production of silicone bib pocket hardness is too hard, and won't guarantee of all through the SGS certification, in so much of the material, only the silicone material silicone bib color most soft, and it is colorless, odorless, if this product have taste, that is your choice not silicone material, we produce all silicone bib pocket is looking for an odorless, no stimulation, also won't appear any deformation, because this kind of material is with good elasticity. To sum up, the real silicone bib is colorless, odorless, is non-toxic environmental protection, and it is through the food-grade FDA certification of SGS, when choosing silicone bib mainly considered from this a few places.
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