What is a styrene rubber styrene rubber | requirements and purpose

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
What is a kind of styrene rubber? Styrene rubber is: with polystyrene chains broken ( S) As hard to break, poly alkadiene as three embedded soft broken broken copolymer ( SDS) Or more embedded copolymer, also called stupid ethylene copolymer broken. Preparation of styrene rubber and requirements: star-shaped SBS cooperates with linear basic same, similar to linear SBS of oil-extended SBS cooperates. The processing of saturated SBS SEBS namely with basic similar to SBS. Styrene rubber common use is as follows: 1. Rubber products: moulded products used in the footwear industry, the product is used for rubber hose, etc. 2. Plastic modification: a small amount of SBS in PE, pp, polystyrene, etc. 3. Adhesive: with hydrocarbon solvent solubility is good, have generality, pressure sensitive resistance, laminated and contact on the basis of SBS adhesive. Relevant article recommended: what is a natural latex synthetic latex | | what synthetic latex is a polyisoprene rubber | polyisoprene rubber performance and the use of what is styrene-butadiene rubber | styrene butadiene rubber types and USES of formula requirements
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