What honors has Keyuan obtained?
The honors on KEYUAN are largely national ones. Foreign customers also recognize it. The certifications are proof regarding the performance. We'll try for its recognition at the world level.

Xiamen Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co. ,Ltd Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company based in China. We focus on market research, development, and production of silicone kitchenware. Various in styles, KEYUAN Electronic Industry's silicone kitchen products can meet the needs of different customers. The product has uniform stitching. The fabric is correctly cut straight along the grain, which allows the fabric to stretch. Keyuan can offer free samples to customers and send out within 3-7 days. It gains favorable comments from customers in the respect of realizing user customization. Keyuan offers a variety of 100% silicon-made eco-friendly products.

Keyuan aims to create a best atmosphere to achieve the best value for each person. Welcome to visit our factory!
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