What good is the distinguishing feature of the silicone baby bib

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silicone bib is the cloth for children around the chest, often in the neck to keep your clothes clean, because the baby's saliva secretion increased and oral cavity is shallow, and close your lips and swallowing movements still not harmonious, the baby can't swallow the secretion of saliva in a timely manner, so will flow a lot of saliva. Baby wearing a bib, can decrease the number of change clothes, also only can let the baby feel comfortable. At the same time also let mother worry, less babies every day in a lot of saliva towel, saliva towel in the summer or the autumn is easy to dry, but in the winter will be affected by the changes of the weather, is not easy to dry, baby wear in the body is uncomfortable, especially easy to catch cold. Silicone bib pocket solves the babies of this problem, the bib of a safe, environmental protection material to produce a product that can be done by SGS inspection, and products are soft, not hurt the skin of babies. Our company production of silicone bib is all USES the food grade silica gel production, now has many styles, each style is designed according to ergonomics, buckles a variety of changes. And packaging are all made of transparent opp + 4 silk paper with specification, and individual styles using blister packaging, according to customer requirements, our way of packing is also varied, silicone bib currently on the market fall, but in the low-end market is given priority to, are all within the four yuan, and our company silicone bib retail price can now reach 38 yuan, product structure, bright color, material is the best choice. Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. Is a professional silicone products processing enterprises, to achieve the requirements of customers, we constantly to improve the processing technology, continuously improve the equipment and various production need adjustment, to strive for processing specialization, market segmentation. The introduction of more bib please take care of my company's website and alibaba website store.
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