What good is a silicone shoe covers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17

Silicone covers is belong to the category of daily necessities of silica gel, silica gel products generally adopt high strength to manufacture principle, allows the base meets the common situation. And silicone shoe covers has fairly good environmental protection, color can be customized various colors, usual darker. Of course girls usually like pink, so dark blue and pink, so far, sales of two color. The rest also have this variety colors, red, yellow, blue, green, pink purple grey support, a variety of colors, colorful life. Its main role is set on the shoes to prevent the effect of wet shoes! Silicone shoe covers the specific function: can effectively waterproof, and receive a very convenient, may at any time in a pocket or bag, to prevent sudden rain urgent need! Can choose high to prevent ground water is deep, but is generally low bond is given priority to, now the city's drainage system can still commonly, not the water so deep, the silicone covers have very good pit avulsion, generally can be general, but was big, too, do not recommend too hard pull to prevent bad. Silicone shoe covers the use of: the operation is very simple, in found that after the rain, in the room or can prevent the rain place, remove silicon overshoes, and then, like wearing shoes, the tiptoe first this one set in, behind to pull, can complete this step! Silica gel in the shoe covers, still can pull up part of the top and button design, make better sealing, prevent the videotapes posterior toes or feet have water wet shoes come up. But also put the pants inside the silica gel inside the silicone shoe covers, prevent wet pants trousers is too long! After two wear well, just can walk! Note: silicone material silicone shoe covers do not contact with sharp objects, walking in put on the silicone shoe covers, pay attention to the sharp items like not stepped on glass, so as not to cut a whore!                                

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