What good is a silicone bracelet - Cleaning - silicone bracelet black Silicone bracelet is too big

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
A lot of people bought new love silicone bracelet, what good is a silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet black how to wash, silica gel hand ring is too big to do, silica gel to give you the answer what good is a silicone bracelet silicone bracelet color colorful, have their own fluorescence luminous, can the be fond of according to oneself choose their favorite color and style. Wear later, again tie-in own clothes, can have very good adornment to adorn action. 2. Drive midge and health care. Soft, non-toxic, wear-resisting, crack resistance, high temperature resistant, long service life, does not stimulate the skin; At first, people wear this kind of silicone bracelets, mainly want to healthy body, fight cancer. 3. Prevent sweat into hands, causing the phenomenon of the slider. Silicone bracelet is made of high grade environmental protection silicone, discharge sweat can effectively absorb the human body, prevent sweat into the players, slide block phenomenon. 4. In order to express the wearer's faith. Nowadays, people have more say, to express their ideas and there are many ways of faith. Due to silicone wristbands DIY is very flexible, so can according to the requirements of people on wrist band engraved logo you want to say words, so as to realize the function of wrist strap transmission belief. 1 silicone bracelet black how to cleaning. First dry cloth soaked in water to wash, and then the water completely dry, dry, with blower nine bracelet and strap first clean both inside and outside. 2. If bracelet with dirt and dust, use a small brush to clean, if there is oil pollution, use a toothbrush to stick it together. Put on detergent wipe it. 3. Sticky stains such as bracelets, but on the cotton swabs coated with a little oil essence, air and evenly coated. Materials, when use small brush to clean, can remove stubborn stains. 4. In the end, everyone with dry cloth to wipe dry bracelet, blow dry and cold air bracelet need to pay attention to matters not to use hot air in the dryer. The silicone will be damaged. Try not to put the bracelet in the sunlight silicone bracelet is too big to do deformation phenomenon of the products is in view of the thin silicon bracelet must be protected by itself, although belong to product of soft silicone material, but the deformation phenomenon and has a lot to do with the storage and use of the product itself. Especially long-term twists and turns, not after stretching, placed in a harsh environment factors such as! So, wear it or to the use of reasonable! On the other hand, the most important problem is the quality of the technology and material. Many manufacturers of silicone products manufacturing method and technology of the different, lead to overall brittleness, the softness of the product and tensile strength to change. So the premise is to cooperate with materials of high quality silicone rubber bracelet, need to cooperate with reasonable sulfide in the process of processing time, cannot because in the production of energy and temperature rise and shorten the time, this often leads to appear the phenomenon such as deformation and soft products! The most important reason is that raw materials tensile rebound strength can directly solve many aspects of the adverse phenomenon, and the intensity of the tensile strength and resilience of raw materials are two different types of performance. Material tensile should, therefore, as well as the springback, and some of the material only good stretch and not rebound, so production will naturally deformation of tensile products not become big. And springback good product does not necessarily have good tensile, use effect is not very good solve! Above is the rubber finishing about what good is a silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet black how to wash, silica gel hand ring is too big to do the related content, custom silicone products for foshan silica gel.
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