What features does the silicone seal products have?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Sealing products, sealing parts are commonly used in the mechanical bearing, electric door way some need sealing products, with the demand of the market a lot of natural rubber is a silicone products, so the silicone seal products are ascending to the requirement of use, manufacturers in the production for the silicone products also have buyers put forward special requirements, such as extrusion seal performance can reach the effect, weather resistance, security performance and so on. So small make up to the requirement of the silicone seal products made some performance standards of silica gel products. 1, in the bad environment has a longer service life, for a long time is not affected by the weather - - Rain, snow, humid, ozone, ultraviolet light (the sun UV) ; Organic elastomer after prolonged exposure to environment may become fragile. 2, the use of a wider temperature range From - 100 oc to 316 oc ( - From 148 to 600 of) ; Organic elastomer at temperatures of more than 100 oc, 212的) Happens to soften and irreversible deformation, the temperature lower than 25 oc ( - - - - - - 13) When they become fragile. 3, when exposed to the harsh environment stress ( Hot, cold, wet, oil, ozone, ultraviolet radiation) , its inherent electrical insulation good quality will not change significantly. 4, in a wider temperature range to maintain its natural flexibility and elasticity, Compression deformation) Comfort and feel, improve consumer products. 5, good sealing performance. 6, the inert ( Tasteless, odorless) ; 7, security, environmental protection, in the food processing tools, baby products, etc widely used. 8, more choice - - - - - - A wide range of hardness, From shaw A10-80) , the color of the wide range ( From transparent to bright beautiful colour) 。 9, a better liquidity - - Easy to manufacture, and improve the productivity. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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