What causes the silicone products with grey phenomenon?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-21
As the saying goes, have an advantage that is impossible to have disadvantages, it couldn't have done any products on the safe side, basic flaw will be pure in the shortcomings, in the midst of life commodity silicone materials occupy a part of our lives, stained with dust is one of the more common defects of silicone products, even the silicone products manufacturer just baked products basic will suck ash is existing, so this is the common fault of the whole industry, also is one of the disadvantages of the above a lot of products, and it is mainly because of unique properties of materials, and affect its adsorption dust are the main reasons for what? Adsorption is of the characteristics of organic silicone material, it is advisable to mildew in the organic silicon industry, desiccant and absorb moisture, highly active adsorption material property is the essence of silica, it will automatically adsorption fine dust in the surrounding environment, the main reason is that the silica in physics belongs to the anode material, in addition to the daily necessities of the silicone thought as many other materials as well as in inorganic silicon compound material, but different from it of crosslinking agent on the adsorption force has a great response function, if the silicon hydroxyl completely destroyed and reduce or even not adsorption capacity, but different silica gel products also has associated with other external factors, such as the following. Material is qualitative hardness is influence the cause of the dust adsorption is mainly due to add the crosslinking agent, causing it to adsorption dynamics effect is also different, the low hardness of silica gel products are more likely to touch ash, because of the low hardness of its material products main ingredients silane coupling agent cost, the more the greater the adsorption dynamics is caused by the, and high hardness products usually also have this problem, but the adsorption dynamics not low hardness silicone products! In material, silicone oil may also influence the adsorption dynamics, material of silicone oil in the process of refining the more lead to surface glue viscosity, the greater the will also lead to more products with grey degree, this phenomenon is not primarily the adsorption force problem, but on the surface of silicone oil products more viscous, so will naturally cause dust adsorption. Followed by the mold problem, different influence on surface of the silicone rubber mold mold products manufacturer product adsorption dust effect is also different, because of the mold surface into the mist side with polished mirror, fog face mold usually is divided into thick fog and mist, different fog in the face of the surface of the product with grey effect is different, and viscous or biggest bright surface, the surface without any gap and sand hole, add the silica gel characteristic adsorption nature back to raise questions about stained with dust. With grey main reason for the material nature and silica gel processing factory control problem, but the process of grinding and the progress of technology, touch dirt silica gel products have been a variety of craft ways to eliminate, at present the silica gel products are basic to the adsorption of dust surface treatment, such as injection, electrostatic plastic material and the surface coating process.
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