What are the skeleton oil seal material - Skeleton oil seal installation method is what

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
What are the material skeleton oil seal, skeleton oil seal installation method, is a question of these is a common skeleton oil seal, silicone products factory to sort out the relevant information about the skeleton oil seal is as follows. What are the skeleton oil seal material: skeleton oil seal of the general material has: nitrile rubber ( 丁腈橡胶) , fluorine rubber ( VITON) , silica gel, SIL) , nylon ( PA) And, of course, the ptfe ( PTFE) Ptfe oil seal, outer skeleton oil seal, etc. It also depends on your usage environment, the price of nitrile rubber is the cheapest of the four kinds of materials, fit within the temperature at one hundred and twenty degrees, speed environments within one thousand five hundred turn, of course, you also need to see your environmental stress factors to decided to choose what kind of material! Skeleton oil seal installation method is what oil seal before installation maintenance personnel matters that should be paid attention to and the right operation method in the process of installation, in order to avoid damage of maintenance personnel in the process of installation of oil seal oil seal. Key words: skeleton oil seal, Installation; Assembly in the process of daily maintenance, many maintenance personnel do not understand the correct installation method of oil seal, existing in the installation process operation error, lead to oil seal while installed, but it can't play the role of sealing. 'according to these situation, this paper introduces the oil seal the preparation before installation and oil seal when installation should pay attention to the assembly process. 1. Oil seal device preparation before the installation check oil seal, oil seal is clean and complete, please don't use oil seal used with sand, dust and other foreign matter, this will cause leakage. Will oil seal sealing lip end toward the side of the sealing medium, avoid reverse assembly. One-way return line direction of the arrow on the oil seal must be installed in the seal and shaft rotate in the same direction, shall not be inverted. 2. Add oil seal, the outer surface should be coated with the appropriate lubricant, lip proper cleaning grease should be applied, dustproof lip seal should be equipped with appropriate cleaning grease between the main lip, and then assembled. Oil seal installation and orientation of the surface of the fixed datum should be processed, and shall not use the mechanical datum. Oil seal lip through screw thread, slotting, spline, etc various measures should be taken to prevent the lip. Thread, slotting, spline is used to protect the roughness of the material shall not exceed 3. 2 microns. In the case of a thread, slotting, spline, etc. , must not have scratches and burr, etc. 3. Oil seal device: in the absence of press or use press, should choose the proper baffle as a control tool, uniform pressure, can't hammer directly, cause deformation of oil seal. 4. Fixture: used to help control the position or action ( Or both) The tool. 5. Electric equipment installed correctly, when choosing tools, electrical appliances and the contact position between the oil seal should be paid attention to. Different installation direction to choose different tools. Due to the assembly in a different direction, iron shell oil seal force is different also, should adopt different assembly tools. Keep the oil level. When assembling, the oil seal placed under uniform pressure within the cavity. Oil seal, in the end of the chamber of assembly on the shaft sleeve, consider using guide bush, coated paper, in order to prevent damage to the sealing lip. Bearing or gearbox free-flowing exhaust system should be set up, in order to prevent the sealing medium ( Such as oil and gas) In the process of running with lower lip seal failure due to high temperature and pressure increase pressure. Sealing ring clamp spring tension should be adjusted, static pressure in general should be sealed medium 1. 5 times. Skeleton oil seal factory in foshan rubber products co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, has an independent mold workshop, oil pressure workshop, the company is located in foshan city guanlan street geographical center longhua new district, covers an area of more than 1500 square meters, is a professional production of various kinds of silicon ( Rubber) Plastic extrusion/moulded products manufacturers, especially foaming silicone products have an advantage. Support in Japanese and English spoken language communication, if you have any question can be consulting. The above is related to the skeleton oil seal rubber finishing related issues, hope to be of help. Recommend related news nitrile rubber silicone rubber epdm gaskets silicone seal fluorine rubber gaskets
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