What are the silica gel products easily damaged in production process

by:Keyuan     2020-08-20
Silica gel products is based on the silicone raw materials, because of its chemical components and physical structure, determines it has excellent flexibility, super high tear strength, such as performance, other materials are hard to replace. But we will always encounter in the process of production of silicone products in the production of silicone products crisp, very easy to break, or the service life of the silica gel products cannot reach requirements. What are the production process in the silicone products easily damaged? 1, the silicone raw materials cause silicone raw material itself can cause the silicone products crisp, under normal circumstances, silica gel products crisp, easy to damage is due to the rubber itself quality is unqualified, tear strength can not meet the requirements. Part of the silica gel products manufacturers to reduce costs, often filled with silicon powder in the raw material to reduce costs, this kind of raw material the ultimate consequence is made products can't reach the quality requirement. 2, the unreasonable structure of silica gel products or mould design product structure and mold design is not reasonable, easy to cause the silicone products damaged when molding, be improved by modifying the product or die structure. This kind of situation is relatively easy to solve, general silicone products are normally open sample mold proofing, avoid doing big goods appear such circumstance, affect the production delivery. 3, the forming die temperature or curing time control is not good silicone products molding process to master mold temperature or curing time, through trial and error, select the most suitable mold temperature and curing time can be avoided. 4, secondary sulfide cause secondary sulfide, ventilated bad or temperature is too high can cause brittle silicone products easily damaged, this requires operators to strictly control the temperature of the secondary sulfide, and the reasonable ventilation environment.
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