What are the production of silicone machine

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Everyone knows all the silicone products is mold made, generally is toughened membrane, also have a plenty of copper. Do you know production silicone products need what machine? Simple introduce, you need the following equipment: 1. Material: rubber mixing machine, cutting machine, electronic scale each one. Rubber mixing machine - — For use in raw material adding curing agent, color paste and other additives. Cutting machine - — Used to refine good rubber cutting into forming the required size and weight, not only the cutting precision, and high efficiency. If you only do some miscellaneous pieces of silicone, can use manual way to rubber rowed out. Electronic pop - — According to the weight of the silicone products, with a bang, said. 2. Molding: sandblasting machine, hydraulic press, Also known as the plate vulcanizing machine) 。 Sandblasting machine - — Forming dies after production for a period of time, to accumulate some dirt on the surface, absence made production; At this time requires 淸 wash the mould, and sand blasting machine is necessary cleaning the mould machine. Hydraulic press - — Also known as the plate vulcanizing machine, this is necessary for the silicone products molding equipment, molding pressure, temperature and curing time condition such as the equipment. 3. If you want to produce silicone glue products, silica gel should be added to the vacuum machine, automatic dispensing machine. 4. Also, if the article is a silicone tube/need extruder.
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