What are the precautions for silicone products manufacturer rubber mixing process

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Silicone products in the industry, technology and the processing steps are many, and rubber mixing process is important step, from raw materials preparation, color mixing, mixing, blanking respects every step is very important, first of all the silicone products manufacturing is to prepare material, according to the requirements of the silica gel processing factory product quality is different, to choose different temperature hardness of materials, in the production process of different silicone products to choose color and color mother of even distribution, how many raw materials and color glue, can begin after ready for rubber mixing rubber, at operating rubber mixing machine should first adjust roller spacing of rubber mixing machine, maintain the balance of the roller spacing. If the size of adjustable on both ends of the roller spacing, roller partial load, easy to damage the equipment. Found in refined neoprene rubber burning, should immediately stop operation, because in the process of rubber mixing appropriate vulcanizing agent must be added if uneven curing agent added to master, can lead to burning rubber or a fire, so still need technical content of rubber mixing process, back and forth in the whole process of operation practice pressure make color rubber and raw material mixing products require comprehensive color, rubber mixing machine cut the silicon steel out later began to prepare materials, we have to put in the process of blanking cutting machine cutting the length of the rubber roller spacing to adjust. Then in the blanking width and speed, and ensure that cut in processing the silicone rubber products don't lack of material or materials, in the process of blanking or rubber mixing must keep hands clean, prevent dirty rubber, after the completion of the cutting material placed cool, dry place, but cannot be placed too long, or it will lead to make the product is too hard, or are not ripe.
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