What are the main effect of thermal conductive silicone gasket?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Speaking of sensing, remote control, thermal conductivity that is basically related to electronic products it together, as the electronic equipment in recent years, constantly upgrade changes, various functional integration in small components, and important defects of integration is the rise of temperature will lead to equipment operation speed slow down, device work halfway out of order, size space limitations, and many other performance issues. So in the design of temperature control has become one of the crucial challenges, namely tightening in architecture, operating space is more and more small, how to effectively take power more heat generated by the larger unit? So from electronic technology level of thermal conductivity silicone sheet can only scrape through auxiliary form to convert the heat capacity, thermal conductivity silicone sheet using high-performance thermal conductive materials, eliminate the air gap, thus improve the overall thermal conversion ability, make the device work in lower temperature. Its main function is used to reduce the noodle and heat radiator surface between the thermal resistance of the product, in the electronics industry as a thermal conductive silicone, silicon film, soft cooling pads, and so on. Thermal conductive adhesive, unlike other silicone products, it has a unique advantage in electronic accessories out decrease surface thermal resistance, heat source and heat source for electronic accessories products provide a certain amount of difference in temperature balance effect, the thermal conductive sheet is mainly used in life and household electrical appliances, air conditioning, electric furnace, computer basic on printed circuit boards and so on all have so a piece of thermal conductivity silica gel, in the power industry, such as transformer, capacitor, resistor and inductor, and other products, as long as belongs to the component of high power rate, then involve thermal conductive silicone pieces spread these components of heat to the shell; Thermal conductivity silica gel in the LED industry also has a wide application, thermal conductivity silicon sheet is used to work in the aluminum plate heat to the LED lights on the bottom of the shell; At the same time also can be used in PC, PC board such as the occurrence of the above, northbridge, motherboard chip, graphics chips and so on all need the heat transfer of thermal conductive silicone piece; Other industries such as automotive electronics, photoelectricity and so on. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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