What are the factors impact on the silica gel products aging

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Most will be the aging phenomenon of deformation, rubber and plastic colloid material basic environmental effects of precipitation over time and use the silicone products aging problem is more common, silicone apparel accessories category most for exterior decoration, use after so long as the environmental impact and the influence of long-term twists and turns and wear leads to sticky, soft, and the exterior deformation, is an obvious phenomenon such as hardening, and reduced life spans, use soon appear crack damage phenomenon, whether this problem belongs to the aging? Under normal circumstances the silicone product basic rarely appear aging phenomenon, typically silicon rubber material aging phenomenon stems mainly from the function of product and the way to decide, such as silicone oil seal and the silicone buffer shock absorption pad is belong to the normal use of aging, this is inevitable, because of the long-term influence of naturally formed the phenomenon of aging cycle, and silicone bracelet strap appear this kind of phenomenon could not say a little in the past, there is also another odd? If silicone accessories in the process of normal use, the environment is on the other hand, the influence of silica gel products are usually by oxidation, heat, light, liquid these aspects will produce certain effect to aging life, after studying the influence of the surface of this a few aspects the aging of the silica gel products are as follows: oxidation: silica gel in the ozone product as the change of time, lead to the destruction of the material performance is larger, the silicone compounds of different molecular chain, lead to the changes in the performance of silicone rubber products or reduced, there will be a low efficiency change material properties of the silicone accessories, you'll find your silicone strap May Day slowly appear deformation, the phenomenon of rebound slow! Sunlight: photo-thermal effect stems mainly from the appearance, the illuminate of long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, and light source may lead to silicon atoms expansion appeared, the phenomenon of surface color, but a short time by sunlight exposure without any change. Strength: stress effect is more serious is that product long-term tensile extrusion, the passage of time in the material of silicon molecular chains destroyed permanent, no back after long-term tensile elastic, pull down even appear to break phenomenon. Hydraulic oil: silica gel belongs to high adsorption material does not dissolve in water and any liquid, but in the long contact with water can cause water molecules penetrate the silicone internal destroyed the basic properties of the material, resulting in a decline in product performance can appear even color.
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