What are the factors affecting the appearance of the silicone band?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
High and new technology development for a number of electronic products and new materials to produce a lot of products, intelligent wrist belt is one of them, the intelligent hand ring, silicone children watch and a variety of wrist band to choose silicone material combined with electronic products production, get a lot of consumer groups, and silicone rubber products in recent years began to a wide range of articles for daily use, such as gifts and decorations, but any product has its defects lead to we appear different questions, and the main factors influencing the silicone wrist band is exogenous and performance, specific what are the reasons for the defects of it? Silicone band are frequently used in recent years, the quality of commonly used above tend to have a problem is not improved, so lead to the silicone band is not the main reason for the market to accept or belong to appearance and material problems, so both and include what problem? Appearance appear deformation occupied the main factors, the wrist band is circular and in the long run, and stretching torn deformation situation, it is easy to appear when the deformation phenomenon is the common fault of the silicone products, all products will have the problem of deformation and good and not good, just resilience deformation does not rebound factor mainly has the following several problems cause: 1, the back stretch of raw materials is poorer, silicone manufacturers did not use high purity raw materials production and processing, factory allocation ratio and cost problems caused by poor material performance. 2, the silicone factory production problems, silicone products in the process of production usually modulation staff, machine, material, method, environment and so on several factors, and the debugging of the machine as the main, especially the control of temperature, time, pressure and exhaust. 3, the problem of use, the silicone band material itself has a certain degree of thickness of problems, such as pull litre or wearing heavy stress for a long time, and placed in the long-term stress when suppressing will appear the appearance deformation phenomenon. Second quality influential factors of silicone wrist band or from above, a number of integrated product raw material if better tensile resilience, high material toughness, plus vulcanization and the uniform degree of mixing rubber mixing can achieve very good effect on finished products, and silicone strap factory equipment control and die have occupied the main factors, the product is too soft or too brittle and the degree of thickness tolerance and so on have a certain correlation with production.
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