What are the characteristics of the silicone masterbatch, silicone masterbatch have what advantage, silicone masterbatch safe

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
We are familiar with the colorful silicone mobile phone sets, colorful bracelet, very good-looking fashion, one of the most important is to join the silicone pigment dyeing, what are the characteristics of the silicone masterbatch, silicone masterbatch have what advantage, silicone masterbatch is safe, worried about its color quality problem, dyeing materials and process is safe, the silicone factory today to introduce you to the silicone pigment dyeing. The silicone color plastic dyeing - Lord Core product of a silicone color masterbatch silicone raw material is the color of transparent, colorless insipidity is a highly active substances, in addition to the strong alkali, strong adsorption, does not conflict with any material, but because of the silicone raw materials in the process of production must be kept in a variety of style, seems to have many choices, so manufacturers of silica gel products using color masterbatch add many colors to keep its appearance is not single. The safety of the silicone masterbatch silicone color masterbatch is composed of silicon raw materials, silicone oil, pigments, dispersants, due to its stable performance, high dispersion, uniform on product use, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting, long-term storage don't expire, many properties similar to silicone raw materials, color masterbatch type can be divided into a variety of main organic and inorganic color masterbatch color masterbatch. GB / T1297 - 1 1991 silicone color masterbatch technology requirements. Silicone masterbatch is indispensable product silicone products manufacturer, the main process is used in rubber refining process, if the rubber manufacturing process does not add colour masterbatch, the transparent color is transparent after forming and vulcanization silicone products. Second, the silica gel main colour need to carefully adjust, can achieve good effect, also is an important technology of silicone factory work, colour can achieve ten million kinds of products, many of the color difference is not big, is the most difficult to adjust. The characteristics of the silicone masterbatch: choose the light of the light fastness is strong, can achieve the result that does not change color, generally can be divided into eight layers! Heat resistance, heat resistance, the better, the greater the dispersion force, means that the color of the product distribution is uniform. Above is the silicone masterbatch related knowledge hope to be of help.
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