What are the characteristics of the silicone luggage tag? Have more memorable than ordinary luggage tag

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Flown friend, must know luggage tag, some people will be to collect baggage tag specially to go by plane, visible luggage tag also has a memorable. Then choose a beautiful silicone luggage tag, it is necessary, is made of silicone material used for packing silicone certificates, identification of silicone products. 1, use silicone luggage tag for each big supermarket luggage storage identification, identification label factory, large goods consignment warehouse logo, package and logistics company logo. 2, 1) features Luggage, silica gel, has the good adhesion, high strength, feel is gentle, stereo sense is strong, beautiful decorative effect, excellent performance, non-toxic harmless, etc. 2) And environmental protection. 3) , can print various effects, light/matte, rectangular/rounded corners. 4) Tinted, seal, seal tinted layer. 5) Two sides, using silica gel, can play the trademark logo, color can be a variety of choices, the shape of all kinds, product weather resistance is strong, not easy to change color. Widely used in clothing shoes and hats, etc fittings, is one of the best choice to show brand, also can separate to make arts and crafts, fashion and contracted. Properties of vulcanizates size stability, good demoulding, stick relay with cloth is high, easy to use, small rubber viscosity, low shrinkage rate, pulling resistance, flexibility, strong, resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation aging performance, good three-dimensional effect, non-toxic, tasteless, good biological compatibility. Specialized in the production of the silicone rubber clothing tag, can be made into a trademark alone, and can be used for pressure cloth, leather, paper, plastic and metal, glass, leather, such as trademarks and anti-slip coating. Finally under the said the use of silicone tags notice: 1. This product should be avoided in the process of operating another lot of organotin catalyst, silicone rubber or the product catalyst will failure cause rubber vulcanization. May cause the product rubber vulcanization chemicals have amine compounds, sulfur, phosphorus and some metal salts. 2. This product should be avoided in the process of storage and use of moisture intrusion. 3. This product in the process of storing the apparent viscosity may increase, but under the effect of shear, Stir) Can restore its liquidity. Silica gel products factory, is a company specializing in the production of silicone rubber products manufacturing enterprises, the existing variety of styles luggage tag to choose from, can also according to customer demand for customized production. Sample proofing fast, delivery cycle is short, and strive to meet customers' various requirements.
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