What are the application of silicone seal in life?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Sealing products for many friends may now no one I do not know, now the silicone products in the market situation is very common, and for the use of the sealing ring, have extensive use in many places, in our family we can see a lot of electronic equipment above ordinary sealing ring, using different on each table, but the silicone seal can rise and the critical application, his main purpose is to protect our some relative combination with the cooperation of pipeline and some auxiliary products keep the purpose of our gas or liquid does not leak. A lot of things in life are used to silicone seals, and rubber seal at the top of the car and use is the same as the silicone seal, but because of the silicone and rubber material differs character so use different in various fields, silica gel relative to is a bit more expensive than rubber, silicone sealing ring is mainly used in life and some of the above equipment, we often contact or use the rubber sealing ring in the machinery industry has some very touching, the biggest difference between the silicone and rubber is non-toxic and toxic substances, but on automobile rubber products relative to use a little more than the silicone products, silicone sealing ring is mainly used in some of the key seat on car, type o sealing ring at the top of the engine to get the key. In mechanical industry, a lot of places there is no seal no, more machines in the us some lubricating oil, silicone sealing ring can be effective protection to pour the oil into the wear and tear of equipment and so forth problems, silicone sealing ring features a lot of, the use of all kinds of sealing ring has various and features, general silicone seal has the good elasticity and resilience, the expansion of the very strong strength, elongation and tensile strength, and so on. Performance stability, simple processing and has good corrosion resistance, no pollution, etc. The article from professional silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Reprint please indicate the source!
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