What are the advantages of the silicone toothbrush

by:Keyuan     2020-08-24
Silicone toothbrush has good hydrophobicity, high temperature disinfection, good biological intermiscibility, can remove dental plaque, massage the gums, clean health care function of the coating on the tongue, effectively prevent the happening of the tooth decay and gum disease, greatly improve the effectiveness of oral care, reduce the occurrence of oral disease. 1, the use of silicone brush massage gums every day in the oral care massage gums is an indispensable part of blade made of silicone toothbrush bristles with good flexibility, low wear, strong adsorption, does not hurt gum, the gum without a thorn, as well as the pain stimulus, while brushing your teeth can massage gums. Massage gums can make the gingival epithelial thickening of keratin, enhance self protection gums, make its are not rough, hard food damage, is beneficial to resist against foreign microbes, still can improve the blood circulation of the gums, strengthen nutrition of gum tissue and oxygen supply, make the gum tissue metabolism is strong, solid play an important role for your teeth. Especially for patients with periodontal atrophy, massage gums, to prevent periodontal atrophy is aggravating, thereby enabling the teeth. 2, the application of silicone toothbrush periodontal disease prevention gum bleeding, gum atrophy, periodontitis is one of the most common periodontal disease. When have periodontal disease, gum swelling, gum inside a large number of new blood vessels occur, permeability enhancement, once by the stimulation such as brushing your teeth or chew, symptoms worsen or bleeding gums, people with periodontal disease can also be used, the silicone tooth brush cross section, brush maomao, pointed is arc shape, the bristles are soft and elastic, when brushing your teeth can be bent freely, will not cause secondary damage gums and can achieve the role of normal oral care and clean. 3, silicone toothbrush to remove plaque is brushing your teeth to remove plaque, prevention and control of periodontal disease the most effective, the most easily accepted by people, and master methods. A day early, late all the time, especially when you brush your teeth brush the gums and teeth junction and easy adhesion plaque area between two teeth. Plaque is an important factor to cause tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth decay and gum disease, also known as plaque, plaque control is the most reliable way of using a toothbrush and other auxiliary tools mechanical removal. Silicone toothbrush with scrub decontamination has high efficiency, the experimental results show that the silicone toothbrush to plaque rate significantly. The silicone toothbrush to plaque rate to meet the design requirements, can have the effect of oral health care. To plaque rate is affected by many factors, the length of time brushing your teeth, toothpaste, etc. The use of auxiliary agent form, the pressure of the upper and lower teeth, brush your teeth size, etc. , all can affect the removal rate of plaque. Such as increased pressure, at the right moment to extend the time of brushing your teeth, go spot rate can be improved, the silicone toothbrush is not cause tooth surface wear and stimulate gums increase, therefore, brush your teeth should be timely, 3 ~ 5分钟) And comfortable. Silicone brush head to a mere tooth periodontal tissue damage, prolong brushing can massage helps remove plaque and periodontal tissue, and keep the oral health level. 4, the action of silicone toothbrush used to special people after pregnancy, due to increased body hormones cause gums congestion, edema, hypertrophy, and inflammation, together with the increasing of the number of pregnant women eat easy for bacteria breeding, make tooth decay from corrosion. Pregnant women should pay more attention to the oral cavity nursing and health care than usual, soft silicone brush can boil disinfection, no bacterial growth, the gum massage, clean coating on the tongue, a day early, late and effective care, clean mouth and to avoid damage gums. Radiation therapy is currently head and neck malignant tumor treatment, is currently the most effective treatment, but in radiation therapy, oral mucosa reaction is often unavoidable. With literature reports, head and neck malignant tumor radiation therapy of the oral mucosa injury incidence is 30% ~ 60%. According to reports, a malignant tumor patients after high-dose chemotherapy oral ulcer incidence is 42. 00% ~ 46. 67%. At the same time, critically ill patients are different degree of oral ulcer, not only affect eating, cause the malnutrition, will increase because of the pain and even psychological burden, shake the confidence of the treatment, affect the smoothly and treatment effect of treatment. Therefore, how to do a malignant tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients and oral care of patients with severe is particularly important. Silicone brush with a soft, bacteriostasis, convenient, and the advantages of disinfection, blade and anastomosed with the teeth chewing faces strong decontamination ability, especially for those with a viscous sputum decontamination effect is superior to traditional methods, coordinate function of toothpaste after clinical trial result is good. Because the brush it has the characteristics of the soft, for deep cleaning can avoid cause nausea, relieve pain, increase comfort, increased the safety of patients, and both and reduce the work of the nurses.
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