What are the advantages of the silicone spoons

by:Keyuan     2020-08-23
Silicone spoons made of food grade silicone materials, the product is made of food grade FDA certification testing standard, after 200 ℃ high temperature for the second time plus sulfur, can achieve any export testing and certification. Silicone spoons security environmental protection, can use for a long time, soft green food will not be harmful, is currently one of the low temperature cooking utensils in the kitchen the mainstream! Color and appearance can customize according to your own ideas! Silica gel and food-grade silicone spoons is by mixing high pressure produced by the method of weather, using the method of metal packaging technology and high transmission meteorological, revolve around appearance shape. Silicone spoons with high density, easy to clean, non-toxic, tasteless, impermeable bacteria and impervious water, soft material and color reflects the quality of the products! Silicone spoons product characteristics 1, high density, easy to clean, no aftertaste, no bacteria, no rust or leakage, use for a long time not to be out of shape. 2, heat resistant to cold, high temperature in 300 to 50 degrees below the environment, the performance is still good, colorless, tasteless, not easy ageing. 3, soft silicone spoon purchasing raw materials manufacturing, high tension fine quality and toughness can reverse repeatedly, not out of shape. 4, note: silica gel has good softness. Don't use a sharp knife stabbed it. Don't direct combustion. 5, double color appearance, both inside and outside between color and color transparent, seamless, smooth appearance, comfortable 6 silicone raw materials and has the characteristics of soft, high pressure, can long-term exposure to high temperature and food, very suitable for restaurant use. 7, feel comfortable, easy to clean. It can only restore clean water, can be repeated use. 8, soft, non-toxic, environmental protection silicone material can be directly contact with the skin, without any damage. 9, it is durable, easy to clean, reusable, easy to clean. Can wipe gently only make its restore clean. 10, high toughness, good tensile length, good elasticity, high pressure pneumatic collagen materials production and processing customized! Silicone spoons custom parameters product name: silicone spoons product weight: 33 g product size: 155 * 32 * 22 mm, can according to customer request custom products material: food-grade silicone raw material hardness: 80 degrees of product color: green, red, PANTONE color customization) Appearance: secondary sulfide, electrostatic treatment scope of application: silica gel products, children's daily utensils, silicone baby rice ladle, advertising promotional gifts, etc. Packing: OPP bag packaging, can also according to customer request packaging; Product features: infant feeding effect, promote child development, children's toys, daily necessities of the silicone! Product certification, FDA, RoHS, SGS, LFGB custom processing products, can meet the environmental food-grade testing standards; Can be through a variety of environmental certification;
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