What are the advantages of the silicone spoon

by:Keyuan     2020-08-22
Silicone spoon is used to hold soup spoons, traditional spoon in the majority with metal ceramic and plastic, metal is heavy, ceramics not only heavy and easily broken, and the plastic of unsafe disadvantage, but the heat and the silicone spoon can solve these problems, the silicone spoon has a high temperature resistant, tough and durable, the advantages of simple non-stick oil cleaning, colour and shape of the silicone spoon can be customized according to individual be fond of, let a kitchen is no longer drab. Product characteristics of the silicone spoon 1, food-grade silicone, heat insulation, environmental protection non-toxic harmless without peculiar smell, feel comfortable, durable, hanging hole design, easy to use, hold more solid. 2, use stainless steel pot, silicone spoon can very good protection of stainless steel pot, prolong the service life of POTS, head of the soft, not easy to bend, shave cream of baking materials such as easily, clean, it is indisputable. 3, sleek package edge technology, grip comfort level upgrade, hollow insulated against the hot stir with ease, surface smooth and soft cooking not faze neighbors, the circular arc design, use more convenient, arc design, joint container, stirring places convenient to 45 degree Angle used for laminating radian, 90 degree angles instruments used to joint with a right Angle. 4, food-grade silicone can bear the high temperature of 230 degrees Celsius, soup is secure and will not release harmful material, a variety of different colors, to meet the demand for color. Silicone spoon product name: custom parameters integration turnkey silicone spoon silicone spoon size: 29 * 9 cm silicone spoon weight: 109 g silica gel spoon purpose: silicone soup spoon ladle advantages: hang hole design, easy to use, end is more solid, hand comfortable, durable! Food-grade silicone, heat insulation, environmental protection, non-toxic.
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