What are the advantages of silica gel separation plate

by:Keyuan     2020-08-26
Silica gel plate is silica gel maternal and infant supplies more common products, silica gel plate also has a lot of kinds, such as silica gel separation plate, silicone one-piece plate, silica gel plate sucker, silicone three-dimensional plate, silica gel cartoon plates, etc. , including silica gel separation plate market feedback is good, because the silica gel separation plates can easily separate rice, vegetables and fruits or soup and convenient baby dining. Silica gel separation plate product characteristics: 1, food-grade silicone, through the FDA testing, environmental non-toxic, does not contain harmful chemicals to infants, can put the microwave, can put a refrigerator. 2, lovely cartoon design, let the baby love to eat, edge horn sleek design, won't hurt the baby's mouth and wholesale, use more secure. 3, dustproof, waterproof, baby dirty, wash directly, at the bottom of the antiskid design, baby to learn independent meal not easily upset, mother more at ease. 4, the hook design, convenient to receive daily, arc antiskid ears handle design, train baby's ability to grasp. 5, can the microwave, natural silica gel material, can be put into the dishwasher machine wash, can be frozen, refrigerated can fight bacterium, sturdy and durable. 6, ventilation shade when not in use, do not put level fire flame contact point when using microwave heating 4 minutes, do not use high temperature and long time heating, wash before first use, to ensure the health. 7, do not contain BPA, does not contain PVC, does not contain phthalates. 8, resistance to high temperature, low temperature resistant, suitable for ambient temperature range for - 70℃~220℃. 9, good flexibility, good resistance to chemical corrosion performance, oil resistance. Waterproof. 10, excellent physiological inertia, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-corrosive. Silica gel separation plate custom parameters: name: baby silica gel separation plate, plate, children's silica gel plate color: green, blue, pink or customized pantone color material: food-grade silicone size: 37 * 25 cm ( The size can be free customization) Weight: 335 g packing: in bulk, opp bag, support custom packaging, PVC + color box, color box, blister card
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