What are the advantages of silica gel hand sanitizer bottle set

by:Keyuan     2020-09-12
Abroad often can see women in the bag, car, or other places, hanging cartoon silicone bottle sets, very curious about, originally the inside is free of washing your hands fluid, in the domestic also have silicone bottle set of manufacturers, such as silica gel products factory, so small make up specially to silicone engineers understand the benefits of the silica gel hand sanitizer bottle set. The first easy to carry, silica gel hand sanitizer to design is the bottle card buckle hung, can hang anywhere, convenient to carry, and the design of the 30 ml will not take a place. Second, adornment sex is strong, silica gel hand sanitizer bottle set to do any cartoon modelling design, through the silica gel multi-color molding process in the production of bottle sets, integrated design without simplifying, completely according to the designer's original production, greatly improve the appreciation. Friends and even use the same bag, hang up the cartoon silicone perfume bottle set, also can become individual character is dye-in-the-wood. The third is can use repeatedly, a bottle of after use, can filling on their own, not cause waste. Hand sanitizer brand not only customize the silicone bottle sets, other beauty makeup products such as lip gloss, nail polish, perfume, etc. , will be custom silicone bottle for sales or gift.
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