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by:Keyuan     2020-09-11
The silicone gifts ( 硅胶礼品) , it refers to silicone rubber raw materials, the silicon rubber characteristics and silicone accessories, gifts and other silicone products. It mean starting point is the nature of decoration, but with the development of the society of silicone jewelry is becoming more and more powerful, just act the role ofing is tasted already cannot satisfy the market. Slowly evolved into, made of silica gel directly into a gift, we are very familiar with the key chain, for example, we see the general is a key hung on the iron ring? But now has become a key hung on the silicone ring? This is just one small part of we often see. Silicone gift is up to the market, has won the acceptance of many people, more and more slowly silicone material gifts, such as silicone purse, silicone bracelet and so on, what do you think this will introduce finished? No, it is only a silicone gift a small development process. Introduces the developing course of silicone gifts, so it you know that it is suitable for what kind of person that people? Don't want to give others surprise, then a scare is bad instead. Silicone gift is its original service to beauty of female design, such as an early type of silica gel perfume bottle cover, cartoon phone sets, small silicone zero purse, silicone for cosmetic, etc. , main characteristics of small and exquisite, beautiful appearance. By printing and glue to make it very beautiful gift to get a lot of beautiful women! Along with the development of the product, found the adornment effect is very good the emergence of all sorts of modelling of silica gel products, found that many men and children are also very like it, its function is also more and more people to love, has been specially designed for men, such as glasses box, watch belt, steering wheel covers, and so on. Even more children. Every family children is the so-called 'treasure', then the more subtle take care of the baby products. Have from birth to the age of 13, silicone nipple, silicone, silicone spoon, silicone chopsticks tooth gum, such as school id card sets can exaggerate some of speaking, from birth to adulthood in this age group have! Each product have in common, that is interest, businessmen, the target object that businessman is like, kitchen, hotel where you say no? It would be wrong, it can be used as a gift to send is also very much, such as the kitchen of the silicone table mat? The hotel's clean gloves silicone. So next time you look at the article to send friends and family gifts, to see what is he/she do, like what, its good choice silicone gift. Is it safe? Is there a poison! Security is now a lot of people care about something. Previous articles have said before, it USES % 100 silicone raw materials, is environmental protection non-toxic! Does not produce any harmful substances to human body, can be at ease use! What are the advantages or characteristics? This is also a lot of people want to ask the question, so many gifts on the market, chose a gift must have its advantages, then talk about the advantages of silicone gifts and features. First of all, it USES a % 100 silicone raw material is a product non-toxic harmless, followed by high temperature ( 200). Vulcanization molding. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, such as a wooden accidentally drop fire, it is certainly harm the original beautiful, but if a silicone gift off fire it won't have any change, can be used under the cold north? This I can only say that the temperature in - Under 40 is not deformation, the temperature down, I can't guarantee. It also has anti-aging, drop, no peculiar smell can be placed anywhere place, high elasticres ilience, tear strength, etc. Can also be printed on the gifts you want to design or text. To meet the personalized characteristic.
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