What are factors in determining the quality of silica gel products custom

by:Keyuan     2020-09-16
Full of beautiful things in eyes of silica gel products on the market, consumer is in when choosing the silicone products, a wide variety of for quality in the heart may not have a steelyard, determining the quality of the silicone products is not appearance, many brands of silica gel products appearance may seem the same, but the design, structure properties are not the same, in which decision factors on the quality of the silica gel products. Good silicone mold excellent in structure design, manufactured products, surface smooth, joint almost no burrs, feel is exquisite, the silicon mold is bad, can create an identical shoddy appearance, but could not copy the good product design, it is good or bad, the consumer's eyes, in use process can be found. Second, the silica gel products collagen material is also a big factor in determining the quality of silicone products. Silicone products with strong elasticity, durable characteristic, but if you use the bad rubber, can greatly shorten the service life and deformation situation will appear repeatedly, the performance of the different rubber respectively by the human eye is not only the ordinary people the quality of the rubber manufacturer conscience determines the quality of the silicone material, silicone material quality determines the quality of the silica gel. Also, vulcanization effect also affects the quality of silica gel. If feel hard uneven softness, felt on the tensile strength of springback is poor, the rebound effect is poor, that's relationship to the producers of vulcanization time and vulcanization process, etc. Vulcanizing agent is divided into high temperature curing agent, low temperature curing agent, and two vulcanizing agent to cooperate to produce good products, producers making rational selection and use of vulcanizing agent, can produce a good silicone products. Finally, artificial holding the silica gel quality of produce quality control, maintain the normal operation of the machine, and improve the operation skills of operators and strengthen quality consciousness of training, is also a factor of silica gel products good or bad, but also the enterprise benefit. All the above factors in determining the quality of the silicone products is producers of material, production, operation and a series of processes.
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