What are automotive rubber parts and recycling

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
What are automotive rubber parts and recycle more and more automobile rubber parts, so then what are the rubber parts in the automotive industry? And he can recycle line. What when it comes to cars, automotive rubber parts of our auto parts in China also in the development of high-speed, now we have many auto parts store was full of every street, everywhere, but for the use of silicone rubber products on cars, our cars with rubber products in the car with what purpose, then said automobile rubber parts besides tire parts a lot, in general it can be used to 200 - a car 300 kinds of rubber accessories, 400 - some trucks and industrial vehicles 600 rubber parts, so the usefulness of rubber parts on the car is very extensive. Due to the rubber parts on the car a lot, not a description of the one, we know a few simple. one Automotive rubber hose, no matter in what the car has a lot of rubber hose, such as the radiator pipe, air conditioning pipe, water pipe, gas pipe containing liquid outflow phenomenon, such as two. Car seal products, general car seal products mainly used in some of the liquid seal, sealed a good one to maintain a good seal phenomenon, in the car to run for a long time, can effectively keep the wear-resisting fatigue phenomenon. 3. Auto damping rubber products, automotive rubber damping products in terms of damping will play a big role is a very important parts of automobile above, when we are driving on the way encounter pit, we can get much of the rubber spring. Car removed silicone products recycling will be a lot of auto parts repair update into some used cars and machinery equipped with, there are many scrap parts connected with the secondary use, guarantee the recycling of resources. Think about a car above silicone rubber fittings to hundreds of species, mainly can be divided into the sealing products, damping products, safety accessories, pipelines, transmission belt, etc. , for sealing products and damping products is one of the common silicone products manufacturer production of accessories, select material generally use of synthetic rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, high strength rubber raw materials production, general auto parts are high hardness and anti-aging products in more than ten years is no problem, but on the auto parts with fluorine rubber is a bit more, because its toughness degree is one of the best material of synthetic rubber, in accessories are of high quality raw materials. Car is becoming more and more fire rubber accessories, welcome everyone to come to custom inquiry, we have been sticking to, do the best products, let customers at ease.
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