We pay attention to choose the silicone mat

by:Keyuan     2020-08-20
Silicone mat is a kind of silica gel for materials processing and manufacturing of silica gel products, has excellent high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, good transparency, high strength characteristics, have been widely used in the market, but due to some factories for their own interests lead to some inferior silicone mat also flow into the market, then we how to choose when buying silicone mat? How to distinguish between the material is good or bad? First of all, work and material to distinguish, the high quality of mat well-made, surface color even, without blemish. No adhesive, feel is exquisite, also won't be sticky. Second, the smell of distinguish, mat of natural environmental protection material is tasteless, does not produce pungent feeling, will not change color. Not as temperatures rise and degeneration, can observe whether mat under the sun is become soft, faded, and produce the phenomenon such as producing a smell. Because most of the fragrance of silica gel mat have been added artificial flavor, harmful to human body. Finally, feel and use to distinguish, mat have super glued ability, has good elasticity, can pull not deformation.
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