Want to do good, silicone product mould tool is too high!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Processing and manufacturing, with molding process to make products, many products require a set of perfect mould to produce high quality products, many products in the rubber industry is basically forming is given priority to, so the development of the mould production nature is a key problem. Silica gel products industry is one of the cases, so many friends like to brand for cost-effective, grieve for many on the market of silicone products control line and precision of the mold, the natural appearance of the product is perfect! But a lot of identity in the process of silicone rubber products manufacturer just knife repairing can control CNC machine, so don't understand machining silicon vendors might of cutting tool, it is not very understanding, this field should be of general machining in milling process for selecting the different materials for different material steel cutting tools, commonly used tool in our country is commonly tungsten steel knives, alloy blade, high-speed steel knife, carbide cutter, diamond tool, etc. , for different models to choose a different tool steel. But in addition to choose the cutting tool material, for the blade on the machining process is different, the choice of end milling cutter is divided into 2, 4, 6, three kinds of blade, processing different materials, technology products on the corresponding choice, this kind of end milling cutter is also currently is one of the most commonly used on machining tool, followed by round nose cutter, can be divided into different size, different blade for the rounded form, are surface processing is stable, a lot of rough mill process indispensable tool. Second is spher mill, it generally used in the finishing processing of arc, cutting tool for 2 - 3 blade, accurate processing of products, in addition to some more skillful tool, included in the drilling tool, expanding cavity tool. A silicon steel want to do so, choose the right tool processing nature is not to be ignored! In addition to knife repairing as well as the consumption of the machine, tooling cost and so on all need certain control technology, general machining skillful personnel all know when to add knife repairing on the machine, when you need to dispatch the machine speed fast, and so on! ! So you asked me how to come out perfect silicone products! My answer is from the root to solve the problem for you, cutting tools, CNC, mold, raw materials, mixing, molding, QC several! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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