Use of varying hardness limits on how many suitable silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Purpose to select different hardness of silica gel products in different areas, the minimum hardness can be done about 10 degrees, usually commonly used silica gel products hardness in 30 ~ 80 & deg; Hardness, it is also a common silicone products, suitable for most of the silica gel products. For consumers do not know the silicone material, physical hardness of silicone rubber products are a little knowledge of psychology, looked at the product appearance is no change, from the formula and to understand the relationship between various physical properties. But for the first time the friend that come into contact with the silica gel products, silica gel hardness don't understand, we use the silicone parts hardness have uncertainty. Therefore, it is easy to cause those in custom silicone products, silicone products don't know how to product better hardness can be appropriate, so later will be prepared in the silica gel hardness. Different silica gel products has its unique performance and technical requirements, such as silicone products manufacturer of silica gel seal, silicone accessories can choose the best prepared in the polymer. Closely joint sealing damping in the hardness, waterproof and oil etc, the physical properties of the hardness of the silicone products mostly using silica gel mixing rubber, silicone products molding process is mostly hydraulic forming, the lower the hardness is not only conducive to place material products, also because of the internal structure of its liquidity and a half in the process of high temperature vulcanization bubble, so we choose silicone material requirements for this type of products will be very high, at the same time also must use the best curing agent, by increasing the vacuum machine power and improve the mold structure to solve. Silicone products has a good toughness and elasticity, not easily influenced by outside force, this is because the surface can spray a layer of grease material, feels feel a bit more smooth. Mainly used in engineering machinery, automobile, electronics, home appliances, toys, medical, sports equipment and other industries, with shock, anti-static high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, sealing, flame retardant, alkali corrosion resistance, and so on. Low degree of soft silicone products, appropriate as silica gel mask, silicone breast implants, etc.
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